What’s the Deal with #KPMmantras?

You may have seen on our social feeds that we’ve got a ‘thing’ for a good quote – a nugget of wisdom, an “ah-ha!” thought, a pleasant sentiment, maybe that good “oompf” we need.

As a small business, we draw from inspiration from our work, our travels, and our team. Often, we come across those powerful thoughts or funny ideas or inspiring expressions that keep us excited to do what we do. After sharing with each other, we knew we had to post these where we can positively affect those who come across our pages and places in the digital world.

Sharing the gift of the written word with our KPM community helps us connect with others who love to find inspiration from new perspectives. We love collaborations and befriending new creative people!

Have a great quote, thought, or expression that inspires you? That guides your day to day? That makes you laugh, smile, or say “heck yes!”? Send it our way – and we’ll continue to share our favorites, too!

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