2020 Trending Color: Crown

Spring is here, and it brings the perfect excuse to freshen and revive your spaces. What better way to liven up a room than with a bold splash of color? Enter Crown Purple, the effortlessly royal shade of violet that is powerful yet fun, and is anything but ordinary. This is a color that has caught our eye on our travels, and we are can’t wait to see how it is incorporated into local projects.

The Color Marketing Group predicts that “Home appliances will take on a new vibe with Crown, with everything from water kettles to vacuums benefitting from its spiritual, yet fun, color. Everyday items celebrated with Crown, such as scissors, cookware, and flashlights become elevated to occasions of fun. With Crown as its color you can almost imagine your stapler attaining a higher aura.”

Visit our showroom (or our social media pages to practice #SocialDistancing) for some much needed spring inspiration featuring Crown and many more happy, fresh colors.

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