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“The key to a great design/build experience – embracing the endless possibilities and options in front of you.”

Nina Bartolotto | Randy Jeffcoat Builders

From commissioned rugs to made-to-order back-splashes, KPM is no stranger to the world of custom interiors. Designing and building a new house is the ultimate custom design project, and although it is no small feat, helping our clients curate and select the perfect fixtures for their home is what we do best. Thanks to the newest addition to our team, Susan Sewell, we now have an outside sales representative to connect with local builders on both new construction and renovation projects. Our hand-picked selection of quality goods at every price point makes KPM a dreamland for builders and their clients. 

One of the companies we have recently joined forces with is Randy Jeffcoat Builders. Nina Bartolotto, the Selections Coordinator for Jeffcoat, has been an Interior Designer and for the past 26 years and is passionate about bringing the vision of her clients to life. She has shared her experience and expertise in the home building industry with us, as well as a few insider tips!

“My favorite part of this process is getting to know our clients. I make it a priority to sit down with them once the contract is signed and have a casual Q & A. We discuss their experiences in building, renovating/remodeling, etc. to see how comfortable they are with the adventure of designing a home. Depending on their answers and the questions that they ask, I tell them about my experience as a designer, a home builder, a renovator – so that they can develop an initial sense of trust in me and in our team as a whole. I explain the selections process and that I will be with them every step of the way- offering suggestions, guidance and total honesty. Educating them along the way helps to build and solidify that trust factor.”

Nina Bartolotto

When selecting products for a client, it is essential to follow their vision while thinking outside the box. Designing a home that is tailored to each customer requires the ability to branch out and explore the endless combinations of textures, patterns, and mediums that KPM has to offer. Putting a modern twist on a traditional trend, or finding a budget-conscious alternative to a high end product are just two of our areas of expertise when bringing a dream home to life.  

“KPM has contributed to this process from the onset of meeting Kathleen and Susan. I felt that I was in the hands of highly skilled and experienced professionals that I could in turn trust to bring our clients in for wood, tile and carpet selections. Choosing vendors that you know will give you the best of themselves from start to finish is why I keep bringing new clients in to KPM. Our business is 24/7 and Kathleen and her team react and respond in the same fashion. I really enjoy working with KPM and their standard of excellence is right in line with that of Randy Jeffcoat Builders.”

As a local industry insider, Nina always has her ear to the ground on the current trends in the interior design world. Lately, she has noticed the creative use of tile for both aesthetic and functional purposes. “Feature walls in showers, using a full wall of tile in lieu of a standard back-splash or wallpaper. Using a gorgeous waterjet mosaic as a runner inlaid between the main floor tile. Experimentation with colors, shapes and materials that may have never been a consideration, are being welcomed into the most interesting of spaces. I love it!”

“My insider tip for a new prospective home builder is to trust your builder/designer and think out of the box. We can make things happen, we can collectively dream big and make those dreams a reality without breaking the bank. It’s all about personal comfort and enjoyment of your surroundings. Bring the outside in, utilize the natural resources – the ocean, the marsh, the sunsets- opening your mind to colors and textures that allow you to relax in every room of your new home. That is the key to a great design/build experience- embracing the endless possibilities and options in front of you.”

Through collaborating with local builders and their clients, we aim to enhance the home-building experience by offering creative tools and expert advice that will truly make each project one of a kind. 

  1. Graham says:

    Nina is the very best! She really listens to her clients, follows their goal, and produces a beautiful product!

  2. Barb Thompson says:

    Nina knows how to listen. She waits for us to pick a selection we like and works with it (unless an ungodly choice!). We love her kind-hearted spirit and her professionalism. Oh ya, she also has a great eye putting our style together into a finished product. Our home isn’t complete, but it’s been a fun ride!

  3. Diane Ramey says:

    Nina is awesome! She really gets to know who you are and your personality and then works with you. She is always available and willing to work with you on a vision and turn in into a reality, creating a dream custom home!

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