Custom Rugs | The Ultimate Statement Piece

Nothing brings a unique, personal touch to a space better than a custom, hand knotted rug. By matching paint color swatches, upholstery, or the view outside a window, a custom rug can accentuate the best aspects of the world around it. 

From the moment a customer enters our showroom, they are greeted with endless combinations of colors, textures, and patterns that can be woven into a custom rug. The design process often begins with a customer liking a pattern of a rug that we have in the showroom, but needing to alter the colorway in order to fit their space, or vice versa.

By using computer software that enables us to select which colors are used and where, we are able to virtually design custom pieces easily and efficiently. The colors in the computer program are matched to color “poms,” which are swatches of the rug material that allow us and our customers to see the selections in person. 

Once the final design is approved, the work to bring the rug to life begins. One of our most highly regarded vendors operates out of Nepal, where each piece is expertly crafted by hand. Ancient techniques are used in each step of the process, from hand spinning high quality Tibetan wool to dying the wool by hand in small batches to preserve color integrity.  The care and precision poured into the craftsmanship results in a timeless statement piece that is guaranteed to impress and amaze.

The President of our company, Kathleen, has always had an interest in customizing rugs, and has designed several of the pieces that are in our showroom. Her work can be seen locally in the lobby of the Westin Resort on Hilton Head Island, as well as in many other commercial/design projects and homes across the country. One of her favorite projects involved transforming a photo of colorful lichen, a fungi that grows on trees, into a custom rug, which now lives in a large penthouse in Naples, FL. To read more about Kathleen and her passion for custom designs, check out her article in the March edition of LOCAL Life Magazine!

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