Doing Our Part

It’s no secret that single use plastic is harmful to our environment. Even with worldwide efforts to cut down on waste, a recent study reported on by CNN states that our world will have 710 million metric tons of plastic pollution by 2040. The task of reducing plastic consumption and overall footprint seems bigger than life, but if everyone does one, small part, the overall impact is enormous.

At KPM Flooring, we have made adjustments to our everyday routine to do our part and cut out plastic where we can. The reusable KPM tote bag has been around since 2009, and most recently we have made the switch from plastic water bottles and paper coffee cups to compostable drink-ware. Our showroom is now equipped with a compost bin specifically for the cups and lids – in addition to the existing recycling receptacles for paper and plastic products.

Compostable material is plant-based and decomposes when exposed to air into a nutrient-rich substance. Compost can be used to enrich soil and is a fantastic way to “recycle” plants and plant-based goods. This system can be easily implemented in home and office settings and is a fantastic way to cut down on waste and plastic consumption. Learn more about how to start composting here.

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